IPPC and Waste Facilities – Environmental Noise and Annual Noise Surveys

Moloney & Associates Acoustic and Environmental Consultants have been involved with the environmental noise aspects of Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) and waste licensing for over twenty years.  In fact, our practice was commissioned to undertake noise assessments for some of the very first licence applications which were processed by the EPA.

We have acquired extensive experience in the management of environmental noise issues and in environmental noise assessment at highly regulated facilities.  We routinely undertake Annual Noise Surveys and perform diagnostic assessments to investigate noise complaints and problems.  Our diagnostic work ranks the dominant noise sources at a facility and their contribution to off-site or boundary tonal issues.  We then work to identity and implement engineering solutions and/or appropriate noise abatement to achieve targeted results.

Our practice has helped many industrial clients and IPPC facilities to eliminate tonal noise and to reduce their overall noise emissions.  We have also provided expert noise assessment and guidance to local authorities in environmental noise issues.  In 2002, Moloney & Associates Acoustic and Environmental Consultants was commissioned by the Irish Environmental Protection Agency to draft detailed acoustical guidance documentation.  We were subsequently appointed by the EPA in 2004 to draft noise and vibration guidance for a wide range of industrial sectors and were the principal authors of the Agency’s 2006 ‘Guidance Note for Noise In Relation To Scheduled Activities, 2nd Edition’.